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Seamless Online Selling Mastery: Partner with Digi Flex for Effortless E-Commerce Success

At Digi Flex, we specialize in making online selling a breeze. Experience the ease of seamless transactions and heightened success with our expert solutions tailored just for you.

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    The Ultimate E-Commerce Enablers: Digi Flex's Expert Team

    At Digi Flex, we boast the finest team to deliver unparalleled e-commerce solutions. From seamless user experiences to robust backend functionalities, our experts understand the intricate dynamics of online business. Trust us to empower your brand with an effective e-commerce solution that not only attracts customers but ensures a streamlined and successful online shopping experience.

    Elevate Your Business Online: Digi Flex’s Tailored E-Commerce Solutions.

    Discover a new era of online success with Digi Flex’s bespoke e-commerce solutions. Our team crafts tailored strategies to enhance your digital storefront, offering a seamless and engaging experience for your customers, ultimately boosting conversions and maximizing your online potential.

    Beyond Transactions: Digi Flex’s Holistic E-Commerce Excellence.

    At Digi Flex, we redefine e-commerce excellence. Beyond facilitating transactions, our holistic approach encompasses user-centric design, robust backend functionalities, and strategic marketing. Partner with us for a comprehensive e-commerce solution that ensures sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

    Digi Flex E-Commerce Mastery: Unleashing Digital Retail Brilliance

    Experience the pinnacle of digital retail brilliance with Digi Flex’s e-commerce mastery. Our solutions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, captivating design, and strategic marketing, creating an immersive online shopping experience. Elevate your brand and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape with our expertise.


    Engaging, bold solutions that feel like a class apartal

    Our key to success is our customer-first approach. Our rich portfolio shows the diverse nature of high-quality work we have delivered for our valued clients. The solutions we have shipped are solving problems, are easy to use, give an excellent user experience and highly contributing to our client’s success.

    Work We Finished

    Completed projects speak volumes—check out the transformative work we've finished at Digi Flex, where excellence meets innovation.

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    Years of operation
    180 +
    Projects deliverd
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    Years of operation

    Advanced Ecommerce Package

    E-Commerce Package

    Unlimited Page Website

    Custom Content Management System (CMS)

    Unique Pages and UI Design

    Complete Custom Development

    Process Automation Tools

    Newsfeed Integration

    Social Media Plugins Integration

    upto 40 Stock images

    10 Unique Banner Designs

    JQuery Slider

    Search Engine Submission

    FREE 5 Years Hosting

    Custom Email Addresses

    Social Media Page Designs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

    Complete W3C Certified HTML

    Complete Deployment

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% Unique Design Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    Suppliers Integration (API NEEDED)

    Shipper Integration (API NEEDED)

    Order management

    LOT numbers and expire date tracking

    Transfer stock between warehouses (If Warehouse – API NEEDED)

    Receive stock into a specific warehouse (If Warehouse – API NEEDED)

    Fulfill orders from a particular warehouse (If Warehouse – API NEEDED)

    Stock Management

    Actionable Insights

    Real- Time Visibility

    Inventory Opportunities

    -Speak to suppliers during trivial conversations.

    Set and send actions to suppliers regarding governance and compliance materials.

    Place purchasing requests.

    Research and answer internal questions regarding procurement functionalities or a supplier/supplier set.

    Receiving/filing/documentation of invoices and payments/order requests

    Machine Learning (ML) for Supply Chain Planning (SCP)

    Machine Learning for Warehouse Management

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Data Cleansing and Building Data Robustness

    Create beautiful, professional invoices & estimates in just a few seconds and then instantly email them as PDFs directly to your customers or prospects

    Automated Split invoicing

    Automated Combine invoices

    Invoice templates

    Scan inventory into your orders, generate barcodes for your documents, and search for inventory or documents by scanning barcodes.

    Have multiple warehouses, offices, or retail stores? No problem. Easily track where all your inventory is by organizing everything into locations and zones. Organize inventory items using custom attributes such as size, color, and location. View how many you have globally or at each location

    With built-in CRM features you can keep track of all your customer accounts with ease. Add multiple contacts, private notes, and review their purchase history.

    Performance and analytics

    Customization of Personal Details

    Process management

    Sales Automation

    Team Collaboration

    Marketing Automation



    Mobile Notifications

    Sales Reports

    Trend Analytics


    Territory Management

    Account Management

    Event Integration

    Advanced Data Security

    With integrated purchase orders, you can easily replenish your inventory levels by ordering more stock and even track when those new items will arrive.

    Partial orders fulfill


    Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, sales and services. -Filter your reports by date-range and category to see whats making you the most money.


    Unleashing Full-Stack Mastery: Elevate Your Web Presence with Digi Flex Technologies.

    At Digi Flex, we harness the power of full-stack web technologies to create comprehensive, dynamic, and cutting-edge solutions. From front-end finesse to robust back-end capabilities, we redefine the digital landscape for your success

    Why Choose Us

    Our team of content strategists is not just skilled; they're strategic maestros. We bring a blend of creativity and precision to craft content strategies that align seamlessly with your business goals.

    We understand the heartbeat of your audience. Our content strategies are meticulously tailored to resonate with your target demographic, forging authentic connections that go beyond engagement to foster loyalty.

    Results speak louder than words. Ghost Book Services boasts a track record of delivering measurable success through content strategies that drive traffic, enhance brand visibility, and elevate conversion rates.

    Your brand is unique, and so are our solutions. We take the time to understand your specific needs, tailoring content strategies that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring a bespoke approach to success.


    What our valuable clients say

     Emily Jorden
    Emily Jorden Head of Marketing
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    I’m very satisfied with the quality of logo design services rendered by Digi Flex. They kept me engaged at all stages and surely incorporated my feedback in the next development cycles. Highly recommended
    Loius Martin
    Loius MartinTechnology Head
    Read More
    I’m very satisfied with the quality of logo design services rendered by Digi Flex. They kept me engaged at all stages and surely incorporated my feedback in the next development cycles. Highly recommended. Emily Jorden Head of Marketing Digi Flex is a team of very professional individuals who are very good at what they do and exceptionally creative. They fulfilled their promises and came up with an excellent website for my company.
    Amber Jamal
    Amber JamalMarketing & PR Manager
    Read More
    We had been struggling with our e-commerce store which was very slow and had bugs here and there. When Digi Flex re-did our store, not only the UI/UX improved a great deal, but our sales also doubled in a very short amount of time. Kudos to the team at DR!

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